MAHL Closed

MAHL is regretfully announcing our closure after nine years of providing adult hockey to the Massachusetts hockey community as of July 2020.

For a short period of time, you can contact with questions/concerns. You still have access to your registration history at

Additional details

Related: See the announcement from Power Play Hockey League for their perspective on the transition.

MAHL is regretfully announcing our closure after nine years of providing adult hockey to the Massachusetts hockey community.

COVID-19 restrictions have ravished many businesses and continue to put undue pressure on businesses that are unable to provide services throughout the Commonwealth. At this time, due to these mandated business closures, we can no longer stay afloat financially. Our doors are closed effective immediately.

After watching players take on a financial burden from a previous league closure, MAHL wanted to make sure our closure did not hurt our current players and staff. We have worked out an arrangement with Power Play Hockey League (PPHL) and with Seacoast Hockey Officials where they will honor ALL credits with MAHL to avoid personal financial hardship to players and staff due to this closure. We’ve made this decision in the best interest of the players, staff and the general hockey community.

Players Credits / Referee Credits:

PPHL HAS AGREED TO HONOR ALL CREDITS TO OUR PLAYERS, TEAMS, AND REFEREES, AND WILL OPEN UP REGISTRATION FOR OUR TEAMS TO TRANSITION OVER TO THEIR PLATFORM FOR SUMMER SEASON. Seacoast Hockey Officials have also agreed to honor all fees to our referees and scorekeepers during this time. Referees and scorekeepers should reach out directly to Seacoast Hockey Officials for more information.

Team Registration (Fee Waived):

As of now, some of the MAHL team captains have been contacted. You will be able to register your team for the Summer session at the below address. Once registered, your credits will be applied, and your players will be able to join at the discounted rate equivalent to your MAHL credits/discounts. You can use these credits during the Summer or Fall 2020 seasons.


MAHL Name & Logo:

To be transparent, this is not a merger of any type. MAHL will be closing and we will be retiring our name and logo during this closure. PPHL is not purchasing, merging, or acquiring any rights of MAHL and the logo. I am making myself available to help all of our captains and players through this transition to make it as seamless as possible.

Contact Info:

For all captains and players who have questions, concerns, and information, please reach out to to help answer your questions and get you situated and back on the ice.

In closing:

Many players felt the financial burden of previous league closures, and we cannot thank PPHL and Seacoast Hockey Officials enough for helping minimize the impact to players and staff during this closure. These companies truly care for the well-being of you all and the entire hockey community.

Finally, we thank you all for the amazing time we had as a league. We truly are blessed to have met and played with you all. We thank you for your understanding, and we wish all of you the best through these difficult times.

The MAHL Staff

Matthew Pettinato
MA Hockey League, LLC
(Due to the large volume of emails I will try to respond within 24-48 hours)