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Winter 2016-2017 All-Star Outdoor Game!!
Larz Anderson Park in Brookline MA
Kirrane Skating Rink
23 Newton St. Brookline, MA
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  • For Full Season Fall/Winter 2016-2017 Players in the GMVL & Tewksbury Leagues
  • Will be on Saturday February 25, 2017
  • Larz Anderson Outdoor Rink in Brookline, MA
  • 5:30pm: Greater Merrimack Valley & Tewksbury League B & C Division Players
    • There will be a 6:45pm B/C game and a 8:00pm C/D games if anyone wants to sign-up and stay and play some more hockey. Cost is $40 per skater and $20 per goalie in this.
  • Free for all league members choosen to participate
  • Teams will be picked on Friday 2/17 so please check back then
  • Players must be paid in full and be a full time player to be eligible to participate
  • Captains, please inform me of anyone you feel deserves to play regardless of stats
  • Players will be giving a jersey to use for the game but must be returned after. Please arrive early to check in.

Rink Website and Info: Click Here. Site will have weather updates as well.

We realize roster sizes are larger than normal. We want as many people to participate in this fun event as possible. We also realize many of you won't be able to make it due to prior commitments so this will bring the roster # down as we will not be bringing in alternates. This is a great event to bring your family and friends to!

Each team will have an even mix of C and B level players. 

Please email if you are playing or not so we can track attendance, especially goalies. Thanks!

Game format: 5 minute warm-up. Three 15 minute running time periods. 1.3 minute intermissions. 5 minutes at the end of game for  team, group and family pictures. Score will be kept. There will be one ref. To keep the game moving he will be waiving off most icings and asking the goalies to play the puck. Please change up quickly and line right up for the face-offs.


Player & Goalies: Please email to confirm if you are or aren't going to be able to be participating.


Rosters: 5:30pm Game

Team Edge (White Jerseys)
G - Ed Torri (Mother Puckers)
G - Lee Vincent (Margaritaville)

1) Shaun Cross (Hard Eights) - 49 pts
2) Jack Rogers (Margaritaville) - 47 pts
3) Sean O'Shaughnessy (Knuckle Pucks) - 33 pts
4) Kenny Pieleski (Hard Eights) - 32 pts
5) Colin Casey (Margaritaville) - 30 pts
6) Scott Manchester (Mother Puckers) - 28 pts
7) Douglas LeBlanc (Mother Puckers) - 25 pts
8) Chris Manchester (Mother Puckers) - 25 pts
9) Adam Morrissette (Knuckle Pucks) - 24 pts
10) Brian Norris (Knuckle Pucks) - 22 pts
11) Justin Steward (Margaritaville) - 22 pts
12) Travis Hamilton (Margaritaville) - 21 pts
13) Steve Spinner (Hard Eights) - 21 pts
14) Gary Cassie (Mother Puckers) - 20 pts
15) Paul Penti (Mother Puckers) - 20 pts
16) Anthony Mennella (Ants Hammer) - 15 pts (Half Season)
17) Sean Presnail (MAHL Saints) - 6 pts (Half season) 


Team Forum (Black Jerseys)
G - Connor Regan (Knuckle Pucks)
G - Bill Gullotti (Outlaws)

1) Daniel Pedersen (Inglewood Jacks) - 40 pts
2) Mark Giordano (Inglewood Jacks) - 36 pts
3) Chris Etter (Random Team 2) - 32 pts
4) Kevin Mendonca (Inclewood Jacks) - 28 pts
5) Ryan Guerrero (Mad Yaks) - 26 pts
6) Mike Soucey (MAHL C) - 24 pts
7) Gary Haywood (Inglewood Jacks) - 23 pts
8) Adam Cywar (Suns) - 21 pts
9) Brett Szalapski (Mad Yaks) - 21 pts
10) Tim Fitts (Mad Yaks) - 20 pts
11) Mike Cialdea (Mad Yaks) - 19 pts
12) Dan Kobrenski (Mad Yaks) - 17 pts
13) Mike Deldotto (Andover) - 16 pts
14) Matt Piccirillo (Outlawss) 16 pts
15) Jason Berg (Top Shelf) - 15 pts
16) Nick Scott (MAHL B) - 13 pts
17) Daryl Cyr (Top Shelf) - 13 pts


Selected but can't make it

1) Mike Cecerle (MAHL C)