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Sunday Night Salem, NH Adult Skills Clinic

60 Lowell Rd, Salem NH

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Adult Skills Clinic Info


Fall 2017

September 17 - December 3, 2017 (12 Weeks)


Clinic will start at 8:10pm for the Fall season.
Check the schedule in advance in case of a slight time change.

Adult Skills Clinic for Skaters and Goalies.

Rookie (D) League Games will be before and after the Clinic


Fall 2017 Pricing Info

Player Clinic & Rookie League Package: $495 - Breakdown: $18-$21 per hour based off of 25-27 hours of ice minimum - Best Value!!

Player Clinic Only Package: $295 - Breakdown: $25 per clinic based off of 12 sessions                                       (Great for players who are on a team that entered together but also want to do the Skills Clinic)

Goalie Clinic Only Package: $180 - Breakdown: $15 per clinic based off of 12 clinic minimum

Goalie Clinic + League: $195

Weekly Clinic: Skaters pay $30 & Goalies pay $20

Skater Weekly Clinic & Game (If there is room): $45 (email first to make sure there is room)

Weekly Game Subs (If there is room): $25

Scheduled Payments: Are offered to those who need them at a 10% increase fee that you can pay over a longer period of time. Please send an email and I can update your account. A Deposit will be required.

Note: Practice jersey included for all new players who signed up for a clinic packages


Additional Goalie Clinic Info


Additional Info

If you sign-up for a package and need to miss a session you can do another skills clinic in another location to make-up the session. You must send an email to confirm what session you will be doing as a make-up and make it up within the week before or after the clinic you will be missing.

This is a co-ed novice/low intermediate (D/C) level clinic. All ages welcome (18+).  

Great program for players who are new to hockey and looking to gain skills and experience. Also, great for players getting back into the game after taking some time off or after an injury. This is a friendly and relaxed program with great coaches that will help you develop into a better player.


Meet the Coaches